Black Tourmaline


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Raw Rough Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl, it is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and the elimination of negative energy. The stone helps to absorb electromagnetic energy, protects against radiation, psychic attacks, and negative energy of all kinds. It is symbolic of letting go and releasing what no longer serves you. Good for inspiration. Black Tourmaline grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing stress and tension. Good for emotional stability and connection to the Earth. It clears negative thoughts, encourages a positive attitude, and stimulates creativity. Black Tourmaline is thought to help with addictions, arthritis, chemotherapy, dyslexia, heart, physical- protection, and radiation. It is said to disperse tension and stress. It is also thought to be good for the heart and adrenal glands. It is said to be good for mental balance. Black Tourmaline is believed to be helpful when dealing with illnesses of the lungs such as bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, and pleurisy. Associated with the Root (Base) Chakra and Heart Chakra. It connects with the Root (Base) Chakra, grounding energy and increasing physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress.



Price is per 1 chunk, which will be chosen intuitively, or, please contact me for a photo/video where you can choose your piece 🙂


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