Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification Course


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Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification – Energy Healing.

Learn the loving and healing power of Reiki. In this course, you’ll learn all the necessities to become an effective Master Reiki practitioner!

This course includes everything you’ll need to know to harness the power of Reiki for yourself and others. We’ll start off by learning the history and basics of Reiki; then move on to self-healing; we’ll progress to performing healing attunements, and finally, learn how to perform healing attunements from a distance. There are a number of elements to learn and practice as you progress through the course. You will be provided with assessment quizzes at the end of each level, and a workbook will be provided to log your notes for your own reference, which will help you when submitting your level assessments and final review. Most importantly, trust your intuition and enjoy the learning process.

Reiki Level 1
We’ll cover the foundations of Reiki in Level 1. You’ll learn what Reiki is, how it came to be taught to others, the Reiki precepts (aka. The 5 Reiki Principles), what are attunements, attunements versus healings, 21 day cleanse, anatomy for Reiki, emotional causes of disease, the three pillars of Reiki,  feeling Reiki, visualisations, intentions, letting go, ground, cleanse and protect, protection (disconnect), spiritual detox, what Chakras are and the importance of self-healing.

Reiki Level 2
In this level, You’ll learn the Level 2 symbols of Cho Ku Rei (Power), Sei Hei Ki (Emotional), and the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance) and how to use them in your healing attunements, as well as activating the symbols, permission to heal, hand placements, how to prepare for healing attunements, as well as how to ‘attune’ others, Reiki healing with children, pregnancy, contraindications, preparation of a room before a Reiki session, client intake forms, greeting clients, Reiki and spirit guides, and Reiki triangles.

Master Level
At this point, you will have learned enough to move into the Master teachings. I’ll teach you how to perform distance healing attunements and you will also learn the Master Level symbols: Dai Ku Myo (Master) and the Raku (Grounding) and how to use them in your healing attunements as well as non traditional Reiki master symbols. Also covered in this section is distance Reiki – time – past – future, past life healing, Reiki meditation, developing your intuition, psychic surgery and psychic protection and energy cleansing.

Further Learning
There are a lot of other techniques and modalities you can incorporate to enhance your healing ways. In this section, I’ll introduce you to working with animals, plants & objects and working with crystals, crystal grids, essential oils, runes and Reiki meditation. It’s also important, that as a healer, you continue to learn and grow – both mentally and spiritually.

Tips on a Reiki Business
There are a few fundamentals you’ll need to know if you’d like to start a Reiki business. In this section, we’ll cover those basics so you can get started with opening your own healing business!

Namaste ♥ Lisa – Reiki Master Teacher x


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